Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mark Your Calendars

This isn't so much news as its a reminder to those who care to watch:

There is a week in June that is going to be incredibly exciting. Both the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference, read: humongous Apple conference) and E3 (used to be a big conference, but now only open to a select few) will be occuring on the same week. The WWDC website lists their dates as June 11-15 and Gamewad, via Digg, lists mini-E3 as June 11-13.

Why does this matter? Well two words for you: Product Announcements. Yes, this is when big hitters like Apple and Microsoft to announce new products, updates to current products, or updates to services. Also anybody else invited tends to do the same if they have something to announce. This is always a fun week because for once the tech websites can barely keep up with the sheer quantity of rumors and press releases being hurled at them. Things of iPod, iPhone, Vista, and even XBox callibur tend to get released at these things.

I'll try to cover the biggest stuff as well as I can, but I will be off at the beach so I won't be able to do too much direct coverage. Maybe I'll do a sum-up later in the week after I get back. If you're interested in the news and want to find it yourself, just look around on the internet...specifically Digg and Slashdot will have most anything you need.

Have fun in June!

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