Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPhone Coverage Coming Soon!

Just so you know, two things will be happening soon. First of all, the iPhone will be released tomorrow (Friday the 29th) and I will be writing a comprehensive outline of everything you NEED to know about this crazy new device. Second, after its release, I will dedicate myself to not talking about Apple products so much. Apple pretty much overshadowed everything cool that has come out recently, so finding other stories has been challenging (plus I've been busy drooling over the iPhone...). If you're not familiar with the mighty iPhone, go to ( and check out the main video that they have put out. It is very well done and explains all of the important features.

Look for my article sometime near the end of the weekend. And yes I plan to get one at some point (maybe when it gets 3G support).

Happy line-waiting!

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  1. You might want to correct the date, from Friday 28th, to Friday 29th.

  2. well maybe i didn't mean June of THIS year....maybe there will be a Friday the 29th in the next few year....

    or good catch and i'll fix it...


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