Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Even the Internet Memes are on Strike!

While I'm stressing over finals, I thought I'd put up a nifty little clip that tells of the strike being held by the various internet meme animals. If you don't know, a meme is basically a piece of media or culture that gets passed around by people...see Star Wars Kid. Anyway here's the video and yes that some version of Chocolate Rain in the background. Support the strike!

As a side note, I've done some digging and determined that at least with YouTube videos, it is quite legal to play embedded videos on one's blog. Basically the only provision is that you not make the video the entire selling point of the website (which I HOPE is not the case here...). Anyway, if you're bored, here are the sites I researched to find out this fun piece of info:
YouTube Terms of Service (do a word search for "embed")
Embedded Video and Copyright Infringement (from the Citizen Media Law Project)

I love good, solid online resources. Later!

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