Friday, December 26, 2008

Rickrolled IRL - I Think Reality is Collapsing...

The most rediculous thing just happened to me.  So I went out to get the mail today...and I got an oddly wrapped package from my friend Andrew (@mcandre on Twitter).  When I say oddly wrapped, I mean it was a media mailer very heavily bound in packing tape.  I knew the package was coming because he asked my address last week, but he told me it wasn't a gift requiring reciprocation.  That made me curious...

Now if you have ever tried to pull packing tape off of shipping plastic, you know it's no picnic.  I pulled out the kitchen scissors and after quite a bit of wrestling, I arrived at...more wrapping.  This time it was festive wrapping paper.  From the size and shape of the package, I could tell it was a CD case of some kind and I made quick work of the final layer.

Before I even got it totally out of the wrapping paper, I realized what it was.  I could see this logo [see left] very clearly and I felt a feeling I had felt many times before while surfing the web.  One of dread...I had just been Rickrolled.

This was not just any Rickroll though, this was a Rickroll "IRL" or "in real life."  I've heard of such things happening, but really, in my own mailbox!  What is this world coming to?

I have enlisted the help of the bear on my desk to help me document this crime against the memedom.  


Here you can clearly see that this is the album that included "Never Gonna Give You Up" as the top track.


If you have suggestions on how I can get Andrew back, leave a comment or message me on Twitter.  I cannot allow this kind of behavior to abide!!!


  1. I used to have that album! It was the first album I ever owned but it was the cassette, not the CD. We're talking about WAY back! Probably around 1986-ish!

    You've got me humming "Never Gonna Give You Up" now!

  2. .....Mark, just so you know.....I was BORN in 1986 :P


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