Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Makin' It to the Big Leagues: Diggnation!

Well it looks like my blogging career has taken another huge step forward. A couple months ago I was excited about getting onto the front page of Digg for the first time. Now it's happened 4 times, but better yet, one of my stories made "Top of the Day" and was noticed by none other than Kevin Rose of Diggnation! You can find my story at timecode 32:15.

Their analysis was a little critical, but actually most of the things they mentioned have already been planned out by Google and thus, I didn't mention them. The article was really just stuff that Google hasn't fully agreed to do. Also, my bad, spellcheck is in there, it just doesn't automatically work in some text boxes like those in Wordpress.

Overall, I'm super psyched to have gotten on a top podcast like Diggnation! This post is a little late because I've been behind on my subscription and didn't know I was featured until weeks later.

EDIT: Sorry for the autoplay it should be fixed now...

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