Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Magic iPhone Revelation and Debate Tonight

Just a quick update that kind of relates to that iPhone review I did recently.  It seems that my scrolling problem (whenever you pick up the finger, it moves your carefully placed slider) may have been simplified by a rather intuitive Apple function.  The II> and <II buttons on either side of the play button can be held down and they will actually play video and, I assume, sound at increasingly high speed backward or forward.  This is much easier to use and pretty much solves any problem I have with that feature.

Also, look forward to my next post, which will be about the usage of tech in the Republican YouTube debates.  While I already complained about how they did it last time with the Democrats, I'm interested to see if anything is different tonight.  The debate is on CNN at 8 and will use YouTube clips from inquisitive constituents.  Check it out, even if you're on the opposing side.

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