Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Great Video Podcasts

How do I stay sane between chem exams and bio labs? Watching and listening to podcasts, of course. If you don't know, podcasts are free audio or video shows that are pre-recorded and often focus on a specific topic or genre. While the audio portion has been around for a while...basically radio shows were the first incarnation of what we now call podcasting (similar and sometimes the same as Vloging) has really taken off in the last few years. This is mostly because video-enabled phones and portable media players have become much more popular. If you're one of those new owners of a video playing device, you're in luck! I've been upping my podcast count recently and I have compiled a little list of my top video podcast picks:

FIrst off, there are a number of staples such as -
Rocketboom - a video podcast which runs down interesting news, important events and memes, and often offers some pretty enlightening social commentary (also the host is a hot chick).
Ask A Ninja - a pretty self-explanatory vlog that involves a ninja answering questions about the universe while promising to kill should already know by the end of this sentence if this show is for you.
Diggnation - this is basically thirty minutes of Kevin Rose (founder of and Alex Albrecht talking about interesting stories on Digg and pretty much anything else...all while getting slightly's kind of an acquired taste
Geekbrief.TV - a cool little show about technology for people who are specifically into cutting-edge can be a tad silly at time, but chick!

Beyond these, which you'll find about 8 seconds after you start looking for iPod fodder, there is one newish video podcast that I wanted to feature: EPIC-FU.

EPIC-FU (which just changed its name from JETSET), is a weekly video podcast that talks about everything from the internet to music to pop culture in general. While I've always found this model to be a bit too much like a teen magazine, the EPIC-FU team really pulls it off nicely. Their reviews of websites and bands are great and the camera-work is very eye-catching (reminds me of zefrank). On top of all that...HOT CHICK! But don't just take my word for it, here's an embed of one of their most recent shows (if you watch the whole show, I bet you'll subscribe):
Note: a wee bit of profanity, just so ya know....

If you didn't watch...go back, you missed West Side Story as a zombie movie...

You seem to have...questions...
  • Are there tons more great video podcasts? Of course, you think these are all I watch????
  • Are there even more audio-only podcasts? Yep, pretty much every interest group has at least a handful to its name.
  • Why don't all podcasts have hot chicks? I don't know.
  • Do I have any more time to list these things off? No :(

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