Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some More Great Video Podcasts

The number one hit for MTB when people find it through Google is my November article "Some Great Video Podcasts." I will once again raid my iTunes playlist and try to find some cool stuff for you...hmmm...well it looks like I'm still watching a lot of the same podcasts after all these months. Fortunately there are some new ones:

Mahalo Daily
- Ok, so this one is a little bit of a cheat. I Included Mahalo Daily as an easter egg at the end of the last list, but it has earned its place at the top. I LOVE watching all of the episodes, no matter what the content. When Veronica Belmont was the host I really enjoyed all of the neat places she explored. Now that she has moved on to another podcast, Jason Calacanis is having "Mahalo Vlog Idol" to determine the next host. It's exciting to watch the interview process and almost any of the contestants would be good picks. Hopefully the contest will spawn even more podcasts around the web.

Here the first episode of Mahalo Vlog Idol to get you hooked!

Tekzilla Daily - Remember how I said Veronica moved to another podcast. Yeah, it's this one. I'm sorry, she's just good. Tekzilla's been around for a little while (I think...) but they seem to be regrouping and I have just started watching it. I love little tips, which make up their daily segments, so this is a no-brainer for me. The weekly show isn't the best show in the world, mostly because a lot of it is DIY or camera related, but sometimes they talk about some pretty cool stuff. Check it's not for everybody.

Buzz Out Loud Video - I've mentioned before how great BOL is in audio form and with very few exceptions it has always been that way. As CNET has grown the show and as Veronica Belmont (wow, 3 mentions in one post) morphed into Jason Howard, somebody decided to switch to video once a week (Fridays). Personally I think it's kind of a nice touch because it keeps the hosts (especially the enigmatic Jason) from becoming disembodied voices. It is a separate feed from the audio podcast, so mix and match at your own discretion.

If you guys liked my list, please let me know and post your own suggestions too. I'll do another one in the future if you want!

One little note:
There is one podcast that was on my list last time and has since lost its lofty status. That podcast is GeekBrief.TV. It's not that I have anything against Cali Lewis, the host, but for those of us who don't buy a new gadget every day...well it just feels like a lot of time to invest to watch it (since it is a daily podcast). Also, when I get behind it builds up the fastest and I rarely want to go through them all so I just skip to the beginning. After this happened a couple of times I just hit that magic unsubscribe button and really haven't missed it. Sorry Cali!

I lied, one more little note:
Epic-Fu, which is still one of my favorites, will be going daily on June 2nd. Pretty awesome!
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