Friday, August 22, 2008

GMU's New Network System is a Failcopter

The GMU "MUST II" system has been a serious nightmare. Almost every student has had problems logging on at some point or another. The new Juniper host client has been super buggy and no amount of work on the user's end can fix the problem. When they mess something up, the network fails and everyone is suddenly in "the dark."

I'm personally a bit steamed about it because I missed one of my first blogging deadlines for MakeUseOf because of it. Fortunately I have an understanding editor, but thus far I'm not much of a fan of MUST II. That is all for now...Jimmy Chows Down will be starting up as soon as we get some time to film it...woo!

[Image via ValleyWag]


  1. The trend continues,, as of right now.. all of GMU's systems are down. Website, blackboard and e-mail... hooray!

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