Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sideways Ponytail! [Music Video]

I'm not really one for new music.  Most of the rock I listen to is "classic rock" and therefore it's at least 20 years old.  Even so, I saw this music video the other day and I was very taken by it.  I'm not sure why, as it resembles an acid trip that goes out of control, but I think you'll agree that Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (great band name if I ever heard one) can really rock out.

natalie portman's shaved head - sophisticated side ponytail

I specifically like the ending where the whole thing gets overly layered.  Music is pretty cool too...I mean they mention Shamoo!


  1. This is an awesome video, made by (I think) some students at the University of Washington (in Seattle) under the name "ThatGo". Google their other video for Thunderheist's "Jerk It" which is even better!

  2. hahaha this video makes me lol


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