Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book I Haven't Read: Experimental Heart

You may have seen my Anathem book review. I've been trying to read a lot more and that's what happens when I read good books...I talk about them. Another book that I hope to read sometime in the future is Experimental Heart, by Jennifer Rohn. It's an interesting look at the life of a fictional biotech researcher who begins to fall in love with a vaccine researcher. She disappears...the plot ensues.

The reason I bring up this book is that it's actually kind of difficult to find a book that really looks at scientists and takes them on as more than simple plot tools. Instead, scientists are often pidgin-holed as geniuses with a master plan or dithering lab techs. We're real people too and need love and attention the same as everybody else.

This is not really a recommendation, as I haven't read the book, but it looks interesting and if you have read it (or buy it through the wonderful link above), please let me know how it reads!

[via io9]


  1. it's a fun book - a bit of a romp, but in a good way. the science, and the scientists, are accurately and affectionately portayed, but at the core it's a thriller rather than an insight into scientific questions - which for most readers, i suspect, is a good thing!

  2. The book is actually available now, despite what Amazon says about it being out of stock. Heartily recommended.

  3. i finished this book (and will be reviewing it soon on my blog) and i am impressed! it's very good! i think you should plan to read it yourself sooner rather than later.



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