Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally, Christians Can Play Guitar Hero!

As most of you are aware, Christians have been suffering for many years now as other faiths and the non-religious enjoy the game Guitar Hero. The lyrics are obviously too dark for they ears of the Faithful, so much of the nation has experienced an increase in hand-eye-coordination while Christians fall behind. Well no more! Now there is Guitar Praise!

Satire aside, let's look at the name first...Guitar Praise? Personally if you were going to rip-off and re-purpose the game, wouldn't you pick something that is at least slightly original? Or at least go with Praise Hero, which sounds a lot better to me...

Here is the ad for the game, which was originally posted on GeeksAreSexy by Casey:

Are you serious? This is an incredibly inferior game for obvious graphical and platform reason, but on top of this, it illustrates how backward some people are. The ad is clearly for people who have somehow never been exposed to Guitar Hero and are generally new to the idea of a guitar controller. This isn't just some new's one of the most popular game control systems in use today. Truly you must have been buried in some hole (and consequently buried your kids in that hole with you) to be in the dark about this game.

It's hard for me to express my aggravation with groups that have to digest and rebrand everything they use in order to ensure it fits with their own way of thinking. Ironically, the parents of modern parents would probably see all the tracks on Guitar Praise as works of the devil.


  1. The commercialization of Christian products has always been disdainful to me. Not only are the products usually lame but they make Christians look like nerdy losers who live in their basements.

  2. When I went through my DDR phase, I told my dad I wanted to be able to play it at home. He found "Dance Praise" for cheap and passed it along... God Dance Revolution, if you will.

    My biggest problem with that game was that they didn't allow you to play through a full song. I mean, wtf is the point of having a game that doesn't give you full songs? So as soon as I saw this I thought, "Man, it would suck to have a Guitar Hero knockoff that only allows you to play half a song." But maybe they've gotten past that.

    "Praise Hero" would be an awesome name, but clearly what they lack is creativity.

    To me this game is a good idea gone wrong; I mean, the Guitar Hero franchise is probably never going to put out a game with a God-rock playlist (though I wonder about the ability to download? it could be possible?), so I get why they make this stuff.

    The idea of playing Guitar Hero to Casting Crowns makes me laugh, though. The rest of the bands make sense, but them... not so much. And I loathe the inclusion of lyrics. So distracting.

    But yeah, ridiculous. The video was unnecessarily detailed... if they don't know how the game works, I doubt they'll be playing it.

  3. Why do the Christians even entertain the idea of modifying the devils playthings? They should not accept this kind of back door approach by the horned one. Pretty soon your kids will put in the Guitar Hero Disc and well you can imagine what's next.
    If you want to maintain a separatist stance and set yourself apart from us sinners , then forget Guitar Praise and save your kids.


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