Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love a Good Woot-Off

I haven't been to Woot in a while, but they decided to leak the fact that a Woot-Off was occuring tonight so I, in turn, decided to check it out. This was the first thing I was greeted with (click for larger view):

Yes, what would we do without Woot?


  1. I must say I was quite dissapointed, Woot sent out a "warning" of the wootoff to a bunch of newsletter subscribers. I for one had never heard of it but my boyfriend's roomate, his girlfriend and I have been glued to our computer screens, eagerly awaiting our bandolier of carrots. As luck would have it, I was unable to be online due to my educational pursuits during the BOC's debut.. My good friend did indeed get one though, so we will see!

    No brown Zune 30s though.

  2. Hey Missy! Yeah, I kind of don't really watch Woot anymore. I never really saw anything I could commit to buying. Woot-offs are fun though. Plus those Banditos on Camels are still out there! Try again for it next time I guess.

    (and yes, Woot-offs used to take over my life when they happened too)

  3. Well, I'm just a broke college student who can't afford a full price Zune, and who's Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8G is a little out of date, and not to mention slightly broken (although it is mostly repaired at this point, the headphone jack needed resoldering)

    But, I doubt at this point the Factory Refurb'd Brown Zune 30G will be making an appearance anytime soon.

  4. I see you're a Mason student. Feel free to friend me...I'm Jimmy Rogers on facebook.


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