Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Using Words As Art

Here are a couple of really neat examples of how letters and words themselves can be used for artistic purposes.

The first is from Brazil's Folha de S. Paulo newspaper [via GeeksAreSexy]. They wanted to show that famous people are really hiding inside their issues. Kind of a silly campaign, but the art that came out of it is fantastic. I mean James Dean's hair is awesome!
Click On Each One For A Larger View

The other nifty bit of word art out there (nothing like the kind designed by Microsoft) is called Texorizer. Just take your favorite picture - hosted online somewhere - and put in a word or two. All of a sudden you'll get something like this:

It's harder to set-up than it looks, but eventually you'll figure it out. Picture choice is key. I suggest something with a lot of white space like the one above. Note that Ann Torrence went with her first name as the main word and it came out pretty well!

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