Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanking My Donors

A few weeks ago I put out a post to see how much money I could raise solely through my blogging efforts. While the results weren't mind blowing, the speed of the donations and the generosity of the donors was very impressive.

Below are the people who helped me raise $40, split between the AIDS Walk in DC and Light the Night (which benefits blood cancers):

Will Mueller
Advanced Tech Solutions

Elmyra Jemison
ultimate geek girl

Ann and Jim Rogers
My Parents

Thanks to everyone and if you're reading this, please click through and check out their blogs!

Maybe it doesn't look like a lot of donors, but I'm still glad we did it and it was my first attempt at raising money for something like this. I had a great time at the AIDS Walk and it felt nice to know I wasn't just volunteering, I was actually helping to solve the problem. I plan on doing this type of thing again in the future (probably the spring) and I hope to really get an even larger turn out next time.

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