Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr. Horrible May Be My New Favorite Show!

I was expecting something pretty decent from the first act of Dr. Horrible, but I was COMPLETELY blow away by it. The acting was extremely good, the story is very compelling, and if a regular pilot was as good as this one people would already be wondering about its second season.

My Take (SPOILER Alert):
The main character, Dr. Horrible, is basically a guy who has decided to become a super-villan but is struggling to pull anything reasonably evil together. He has been rejected from the League of Evil several times and has just gotten a letter indicating that he might be showing some promise. His roommate, "Moist," is the horny engineer guy from The Big Bang Theory (another GREAT show, btw) and has the amazing power to make things...unpleasently moist. They mention a few other characters but we may or may not hear more about them. Both guys are clearly in that awkward nerd phase of their 30-something lives. It is way funnier that they are both also comic book-ish evil doers.

The superhero is played by the same guy who played Captain Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) in Firefly. He is perfect for the role and plays the jerkish superhero. It reminds me a bit of Hancock except instead of not caring because he hates his job, he doesn't care because he doesn't have to.

There is a love interest in "Penny" (same as Big Bang Theory...popular name for girls that geeks love), but she has little character development except that she's nice and cares about people.

The action scene was good and I love how they used and iPhone!
[/SPOILER Alert]

Oh and did I mention it's like a kind of musical? Way to merge like 4 genres!

Definitely check it out and see how you like it. I know I'll be waiting with baited breath for the next act. Also, if this doesn't get turned into a show by the sheer love of the fans, I will be very disappointed!

Link to Act II Recap


  1. I am so interested to see what happens with this once this week is over. Will there be more web episodes or will it move to TV become a movie, or just dissappear into the night...so many options!

  2. Just watched it this morning... freakin' awesome!


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