Thursday, July 17, 2008

I hold a Ph.D. in Horribleness...

After watching Act II of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, I am still hooked with both line and sinker. One thing that you must come to realize is that the music is very good so, sadly, few people will actually be able to sing along.

Anyway, here is a run down of Act II and my thoughts on it [SPOILER Alert]:
Notice I'm not really into actors and such, so I will pretty much just go by character names. The act starts out with a great duet between Dr. Horrible and Penny as they go through shifts in their lives. Dr. Horrible is wandering the streets and secretly monitoring Penny and Captain Hammer as they go on a date. I particularly liked it when Dr. Horrible pretends to be working the soup line and only pours soup back into the container out of which he is ladling it. It's a great scene because it has a kind of funny characteristic to it, but also shows how Dr. Horrible is actually feeling hate build up inside of him for the first time.

The next scene takes place at the Coin Wash laundromat while Penny and "Billy" (Dr. Horrible's alternate identity) are doing their wash together. He does that thing that a lot of gelious guys do and asks her all about a date he already knows about to find out how she "really" feels about the other guy. Also, there is a very awkward metaphor about pie. Unfortunately for him, Penny is really into Captain Hammer and Billy is clearly losing ground with her.

There is a little break in the chronology as Dr. Horrible post a video blog post online and discusses his plans to use the Freeze Ray. After a very enthusiastic statement purpose, the blog cuts to a post where his shop is darker and he explains how the previous post gave him away to the authorities and he botched his whole plan. Even super-villans forget about the ubiquity of the internet sometimes. This part is pretty hilarious overall. :)

At the end of the previous segment, Billy gets a call from Bad Horse (or at least his cowboy posse). It seems his flubbed operation now leaves him with murder as his last chance at getting into the League. He now has to choose who to kill and how.

Back at the laundromat: Just as Billy and Penny get close to an intimate moment, Captain Hammer shows up and Dr. Horrible learns that Captain Hammer is only with Penny to mess with him. He promises a "great time" with Billy's crush later that night.

All of this leave Dr. Horrible with the clear decision to kill Captain Hammer and hope that Penny understands. I think you can probably guess where this is going...only the How? and Where? remain.
[/SPOILER Alert]

This episode was definitely darker than last time and I'm interested to see where it goes from here. Your thoughts?


  1. Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible) is brilliant in this. I hope he can get an award some recognition or something.

  2. I hope the whole show turns into something else in the future. Unless the ending tonight is really good, I hope there will be some continuation...too many of Joss's projects die young.


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