Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone Update Servers Are Down Internationally [Update]

Well this morning has been a bit not-fun for say the least...

First of all, when I got up this morning to connect my iPhone to my computer, I got a nasty "Cannot Connect" error. I've seen this one before, but I couldn't remember what to do. After repairing my connection (which didn't want to do things like load web pages), I finally found the culprit was the dock. For some reason iTunes can be finicky about routing things through the dock and a direct USB connection is the only cure.

I dugg out another iPhone cable (I have quite a collection now) and got it to sync. Shortly after this I was downloading the giant file that is the iPhone 2.0 firmware. It took 15 minutes to download and another 10 to install, but I finally had it. Or so I though...

When iTunes tried to activate my "new" phone, I got an error about my connection. After reading the news, I discovered that I, like many others, was now trapped in the iBrick stage of firmware installation. Apple's international iPhone activation servers are down. I don't mean slow or sketchy, I mean down with a capital D. There are some weird suggestions to get on, but it seems that the system is completely FUBAR.

I just wrote this up on iPhoneFreak if you want a (slightly) more professional take on Apple's server explosion.

[Image via Gizmodo]

Update: The authorization servers seem to be back up and running now. I got my iPhone re-activated and the new Apps are amazing. More to come on them in the future!

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