Friday, June 13, 2008

Alright, We're Not All Going to Die [Hoax Revealed]

Ok so if you remember my previous post, I put up a video of some Asian people making their cellphones into magic corn-popping machines. Well, as it turns out, that video was not only a copy of the following video, but it isn't physically possible at all. Wired asked a physicist at UVA named Louis Bloomfield about the video and he states that:
"[The videos] are cute, but that's never gonna happen."
It seems that the microwaves that pop popcorn are much more intense than cellphone waves and if they weren't, they would heat the water in their users fingers and probably hurt them. Basically, if these ubiquitous devices could pop popcorn, we would already know.

Anyway, all of this is extra credit at this point because the makers of the video have come out and debunked it. Cardo posted this video below:

So, it's clearly just some ad for Bluetooth headsets. This still leaves me with a few questions. How did they make the popcorn pop magically? What was up with that Asian video? Did they use the same camera effect? Are Asian cellphones actually real dangers and can be used to cook a steak?

Anyway, less of the day: if you make a good viral video that turns out to be an'll probably fool me into posting it on my blog.

[Via Wired]

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