Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some Great Webcomics

Sometimes I wonder why I like the internet anymore. Since becoming a full-time blogger (or as full time as I'm going to get), the web browser has become a tool of work. I spend countless hours perusing RSS feeds, tech news websites, and the occasional funny t-shirt. What can I do to break up the monotony?

Awesome Webcomics to the rescue! I used to despise webcomics because they were always so silly and my most nerdy friends loved them. Over time, though, I saw more and more comics pop up on Digg and other social networks and I eventually caved. Now my RSS feeds have a little bit of fun mixed into them. Here's a list of my favorite webcomics:

Questionable Content - I love QC and read it religiously! This is a very, very long running strip by J. Jacques. It basically follows around a couple people who move about in the coffee shop/indie rock/slightly after college world. It's a bit light Friends, but wackier humor. If you haven't already seen it, give it a look.

Striptease - Unfortunately it's less dirty than it sounds. Basically it's about comic book artists who run around in their various circles. Lots of love-triangle type stuff, but always with a touch of humor or irony. This one and QC are pretty much the only "drama" based comics I read...most of them are just emo guy rants or don't make any sense at all. Oh and there is a handy guide to the numerous characters too!

xkcd - If you haven't seen this one, you clearly don't get online much! xkcd, the name stemming from the writer's desire to create an acronym that cannot be pronounced as a word, dabbles in science, technology, computer science, and, occasionally, romance. Make sure you read the properties of each image, as the "alt" text is usually the punchline (don't get mad at me xkcd veterans, it's not really a secret or anything).

PhD (Piled High and Deeper) - I just discovered this one and I love it! I'm planning to go off to grad school at some time and this one really speaks to me. Basically PhD covers the riggors of grad school life and the various archetypes of student that are usually involved. A sample is posted below:

Zero Punctuation - Ok, so this isn't so much a web "comic" as a vlog, but it falls into step with the others as a nice tidbit to make my day a little more fun. "Yahtzee" puts out a great video review of a new game every week. He doesn't need my accolades so look him up yourself!

Waiter Rant - ...now I'm really bending the rules. This isn't even a graphic! Still, The Waiter posts amazing stories about his life with some of the best writing you'll see on a blog. I might buy his book soon too!

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