Monday, June 2, 2008

MyTestBox - could be your testbox!

In the midst of my travels on the internets I found a nifty blog/site that might be helpful for anyone interesting in setting up a server or hosting their own website. posts very articulate and detailed articles about web software, usually with instructions or tweaks that let you make the best of them.

The main focus of the site is web software reviews and those reviews come from people who have used the software on their own servers and know it intimately.
They aren't really into services for users like Twitter or Meebo, but more like ways to improve a Wordpress or Movable Type blog or organize a database. The writers are not usually affiliated with the site at all. In this way it is more of a community interaction than a blog trying to pump out content.

I'm not really a back-end kind of guy. Databases scare me a little and non-HTML/CSS types of code are pretty tough for me to handle. That said, if I were about to take the plunge and host my own site, I'd definitely check out MyTestBox for some good tips on the set-up. Note: MyTestBox does not offer any hosting services.

FYI, if you're qualified in this kind of stuff, they are looking for people to write both articles/reviews and news. There are submission links on the front page.

So if you need a good resource for web software reviews, go ahead and give it a look!
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