Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I wanted to post a little update on what's up with me and my new endeavor to make some money at this blogging thing. I'm currently blogging for iPhoneFreak and Shipping Seven. I am about to start with both Bright Hub and MakeUseOf. Also, I have started the process of "guiding" for ChaCha. With the last one, I'm basically answering questions for a micro-payment and it's pretty exciting! I'll keep this blog updated with how this busy schedule is treating me. So far it's been pretty hard to keep it all in alignment because all the emails are on the same general topics. Hopefully once I finish the mass-registration part of my project, sorting out the mail by topic will have some meaning again. Oh and I'm still going to put up nifty stuff on this blog too! In fact, I re-organized the sidebars (once Blogger deemed me worthy to have more template bits) so check out the new links. G'bye!
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