Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should You Keep or Toss?...Crowdsource It!

I am a terrible packrat.

I keep stuff that I don't even really like, but reminds me of a place or a thing. My atrocious memory may be the reason for being so clingy. Whatever the cause, sometimes I just need to get rid of stuff. Those little paper slips that you pick up in our modern world...easy to throw out. A little branded doohickey (bottle opener, small flashlight)...I can probably close my eyes and toss it in the can. Larger things can be an issue though.

What if you could have a ton of people randomly come up to you and say, "Toss it out!" Or better yet, have a discussion about its potential value. If you think this might be useful, you should to check out

On their site, you will find tons of old stuff that people can't force themselves to toss out, so they put it up for the masses to discuss. This is known as crowdsourcing, because you're "outsourceing" some task to people who will do it as a group. You can vote "toss" or "keep" on each item and make a comment if you are so inclined. Often the comments provide insight into whether the item has any value beyond the sentimental. A lot of items are old toys that people have simply outgrown and don't have space for.

If you need that extra boost and want to put your item up for a vote, there is a simple form and a place to upload a picture. It's free and you might get a lot of nifty messages about that special collection of Spider Man action figures. Don't be embarrassed if you get made fun of for your high school prom dress, though.


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