Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trying Out Plurk

Ok, bear with me, this is kind of a desperate plea, but I need friends. Not any kind of friends either...I need PLURK friends. That's right, there is yet another Twitter clone out there and I want to test it out so I can write about it. Pownce, started out this way and it has reached come level of acceptance in the tech community. Plurk, on the other hand, doesn't have Kevin Rose going and inventing it...

Anyway, if you will suck in and be my friend on Plurk, use this link and you'll automatically get friended to me when you sign up. My name is "loyaleagle," go figure. It's a surprisingly painless sign-up, not even an email confirmation, so give it a shot! Also, getting in early makes sure you get the username you want.
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